The nation's only brand that uses noodles
made with newly harvested rice

As a trailblazer in the Vietnamese cuisine restaurant scene and the nation's No. 1 rice noodle soup brand,
we were strongly aware of the need for a healthier version of rice noodles.

To produce rice noodles to replace the existing products mixed with flour and old rice,
we established Pho Season, a rice noodle production facility in Vietnam, where newly harvested rice
can be sourced all year round through the availability of three crops per year.

We succeeded in preserving the flavor, fragrance, and texture of freshly cooked rice in our noodles,
made only with pure water and newly harvested rice without any chemical additives
based on our exclusive technology after a series of trials and errors.

Experience the one-and-only Fresh New Harvest Rice Noodles perfected with our original technology
using newly harvested rice and ensure the wellness of all your family members.

    Our rice noodles, made purely with newly harvested
    rice all year round, boast the fragrance
    of freshly harvested and cooked rice.

    The clean, pearly color reflects our focus
    on using the freshest rice and pure water.

    The pleasantly chewy texture is the result of
    our exclusive machine-drying and
    low-temperature maturation techniques.

Our noodles stand apart from other brands.
Our noodles are made healthy and clean with newly
harvested rice based on our exclusive technology.

※ All dishes of PhoMein and PhoMein RED are made with our Fresh New Harvest Rice Noodles.