Phomein, Self-making Noodles
with Freshly Harvested Rice

The fragrance of freshly cooked new rice  | Clear and transparent color | Soft and chewy texture

Wholesome rice noodles made from freshly harvested rice 365 days a year to
luxurious meat broth further deepened with quality improvement

phomein is it for rice noodles.

The Best Rice Noodle Restaurant Phomein

Phomein's rice noodle with
the best rice grains

Rice noodles cooked with freshly harvested rice have good quality and offer rice health benefits.

Phomein's rice noodle with the best rice grains

Daily fresh Phomein dishes

Phomein meat broth is made with handpicked natural flavourings through 14 hours of boiling every day at the restaurant.

Daily fresh
Phomein dishes

Healthy Phomein ingredients

The hazardous production prevention system ensures the provision of safe and excellent food ingredients.

Phomein ingredients

SINCE 2006

Phomein the start
of the Korean
rice noodle history



PHOMEIN CSRThe world created by Phomein

With its warm rice noodles, Phomein makes a heart-warming world.