We began to deliver rice noodle soups in 2014 for the first time
in the industry to enable our customers to enjoy our foods anytime, anywhere.

We have rigourously overcome many obstacles over the past seven years through
our passion to set new standards. We succeeded in designing the optimal packaging
and completing the comprehensive delivery manual through repeated trials to take firm root
in the delivery market that continues to record drastic growth.

At a time when a myriad of rice noodle soup brands have emerged, all offering delivery service,
our unmatched status further stands out with our packaging optimized for rice noodle dishes and
knowhow ensuring greater customer convenience. The fragrance of freshly cooked rice from the new harvest,
which emanates as soon as the lid is opened, is our major strength recognized by our customers.

Enjoy our 32 different Vietnamese dishes, creatively reinterpreted through
our original recipes, of in-store quality anytime, anywhere.