We remain committed to offering healthy food made with fresh ingredients
and reinforcing our own brand identity based on our commitment.

Concluding an MOU for the supply of fresh ingredients
with Hyundai Green Food

We continue to offer healthier meals to our customers
by joining forces with Hyundai Green Food, a food
company equipped with the hazardous product prevention
system endorsed by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Relief Phomein

We concluded an MOU for the supply of fresh ingredients with Hyundai Green Food in August 2016.

We are in the process of integrating all ingredient distribution channels for all our franchisees into a single channel.
The franchisees sourcing ingredients from Hyundai Green Food are certified with the Relief PhoMein mark.

PhoMein concludes an MOU for the supply of
fresh ingredients with Hyundai Green Food.

Oh Heung-yong, CEO of Hyundai Green Food (left) / Kim Dae-il, CEO of DailyKing (right)

PhoMein, Korea's No. 1 Vietnamese rice noodle soup brand, announced that it concluded an MOU for the supply of safe and quality ingredients with Hyundai Green Food, a comprehensive food company, in 2016.

Hyundai Green Food will be supplying ingredients worth KRW 10 billion per year to our franchisees through this MOU.

PhoMein will integrate the general ingredient distribution channels for over 120 franchisees into a single channel through the MOU with Hyundai Green Food, renowned for its hazardous product prevention system designed to ensure the safety of food ingredients. Through this measure, ingredients evaluated to be defective and products detected to contain hazardous ingredients will be screened at the logistics centers, delivery vehicles, and franchisees and discarded in real time.

Hyundai Green Food has supplied products thoroughly verified for safety based on its advanced hygiene system to catering businesses for companies and hospitals. It successfully advanced into the dining franchise sector through this MOU with PhoMein.