We strive to make a heartwarming day and build a heartwarming world for all through our steaming bowls of soup.

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We continue to share in relief activities for the children of underserved households and
developing countries to realize ethical management as a trusted member of society.

Community outreach activities

  • Delivering donations to UNICEF

    We concluded a donation agreement with UNICEF
    for the first time in the industry and held a ceremony
    to deliver 10 million won relief funds for children to
    UNICEF in hopes of reaching out to poverty-stricken
    children around the world.

  • Volunteering for the "Sharing Love
    through Briquettes" campaign

    All our employees participated in the "Sharing Love
    through Briquettes" campaign to donate 5,000 briquettes
    and deliver 1,500 of them door-to-door to underserved
    families in Geumto-dong, Seongnam.

  • Volunteering with Habitat for

    Our employees participated in building safe and affordable
    homes for low-income families in need of housing
    to help them achieve stability and independence.

  • Sponsoring Habitat for Humanity

    We made donations with our executives to provide aid
    for low-income households in need of housing and
    delivered the funds to Habitat for Humanity.

  • Delivering Happy Present Boxes to the
    Regional Childcare Centers of Seongnam

    We delivered 100 Happy Present Boxes packed and wrapped by
    our employees to three Regional Childcare Centers of Seongnam
    and made and shared Vietnamese spring rolls with children.

  • Participating in the
    "Knit Hats for Newborns" campaign

    PhoMein employees and franchise owners participated
    in knitting hats to help maintain the body temperature of
    underweight and undernourished infants and keep them
    safe and donated over 200 hats to Save the Children.

  • Donating to help earthquake victims
    in Pohang

    We conducted PHO U x 4, a campaign to collect donations
    for earthquake victims in Pohang, via our official Facebook page
    and donated an amount 4x higher than the actually collected
    funds to Hope Bridge.

  • Staging Pho Ever 2018 for job
    experience and mentoring

    We staged Pho Ever 2018 in association with Global Vision,
    which is an event designed to enable youth in need of
    employment support to gain hands-on experience of jobs
    at PhoMein and receive mentoring.

  • Donating 4,536 boxes of Fresh
    New Harvest Rice Noodles

    Before showcasing Fresh New Harvest Rice Noodles developed
    with our exclusive technology, we donated 4,536 boxes
    of the noodles, worth KRW 180 million, to underserved and
    marginalized groups.