Become an owner chef
with PhoMein RED!

DailyKing launched PhoMein RED, an owner chef-based franchise brand,
in line with the changing trends and market conditions.

While a PhoMein store requires an area of 99m2 at minimum,
a PhoMein RED store requires an area of 33-50m2,
thereby providing greater access for all who wish to become a business owner,
especially women, young people, and first-time franchise owners.

Realize your dream of becoming a restaurant owner
and serving your own dishes to food lovers with PhoMein RED.

Competitive advantage built on our capacity to remain
at the forefront of the latest trends
and expertise perfected over 16 years

A PhoMein RED store can be conveniently operated using our advanced
operation support system designed to ensure an optimal working environment.
We continue to reinforce our brand power driven by the combination of outstanding flavors,
unrivaled quality, and the industry's best operation support system.

Achievements testifying to our superior competitiveness
Our competitive edge as a franchise brand
  • Smart Operation System
    Enabling Minimum Staffing

    Our kiosk system (unmanned payment system) and
    efficient operation system minimize
    personnel expenses and enable smart store
    operation based on data analysis.

  • Industry’s First and
    Best Delivery Service

    We were the first in the industry to launch
    a delivery service in 2014 and have continually
    spearheaded advances in healthy meal delivery ever since.
    Our monthly sales and new customers continue
    to grow steadily powered by our expertise accumulated
    over our long history as the market leader.

  • Setting new standards
    with technological prowess

    We never stand idle in keeping up with the latest
    trends based on a healthy dissatisfaction with
    the status quo as the industry's No. 1 brand
    and sharpening our competitive edge,
    as evidenced by our success in developing
    Fresh New Harvest Rice Noodles.

  • Sharing our knowhow through
    systematic training

    We spare no effort in providing theoretical
    knowledge and practical training through our
    expert supervisors to first-time franchise owners.

  • Providing follow-up management
    to ensure the successful
    operation of franchisees

    We are well aware of the importance of each franchisee's
    service control and our follow-up management and
    thus provide regular sales monitoring and on-site
    consulting to help our franchisees achieve stable
    business operation and profits.

We help our franchisees take an important step forward towards a brighter future
by sharing our knowhow and infrastructure accumulated over the past 16 years.

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Inquiries about franchise counseling

Join us and build your own success story with PhoMein RED.

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