“DailyKing has set the standards and driven the improvement of product
and service quality in the domestic Vietnamese restaurant scene.”

DailyKing is the operator of PhoMein, a Vietnamese rice noodle soup brand, and PhoMein RED,
a rice noodle dish express delivery brand, making continuous progress based on its corporate
philosophy “offering healthy food made with fresh ingredients”

We have remained at the forefront of Korea’s Vietnamese rice noodle soup market,
successfully navigating the stream of rapid changes in the domestic restaurant scene,
and have focused on developing unrivaled strengths to set the standards
and drive the improvement of product and service quality across the industry.

Our dedication to offering the healthiest and finest-quality dishes is evidenced
by PhoMein New Harvest Rice Noodles developed with our exclusive technology,
which successfully defied the industry’s deep-rooted convention of
using imported rice noodles mixed with non-rice ingredients.

The development of PhoMein Fresh New Harvest Rice Noodles is the fruition of our rigorous endeavors
to fulfill our corporate responsibility and the commitments we have made to our customers as
the leader in the domestic rice noodle soup market.

We took the important first step into the global market with the opening of Pho Season
in Vietnam to become the first and only Vietnamese rice noodle soup brand, both in Korea and abroad,
to operate a local rice noodle production facility in Vietnam.

We will march forward to rise as a globally celebrated rice noodle soup brand based on
our inexhaustible enthusiasm and the standard-setting footsteps of our 18 years of history.

PHO SEASON – offering healthy food made with fresh ingredients

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