Founded in 2006, Daily King Co., Ltd. is an incorporated enterprise which settled the rice noodle
franchise brand 'Phomein’ in Korea and popularized the dining culture of Vietnamese cuisine.

Under the motto of 'Safe Food Ingredients and Honest Food', Daily King Co., Ltd. has signed
a business agreement with 'Hyundai Green Food', supplying safe and fresh food ingredients to each franchise.

Also establishing ‘PHO SEASON’, a Vietnam local corporation rice noodle factory in 2015, we produced herb-bags for meat stock
using 9 premium natural spices and succeeded in developing ‘New Rice Noodle’ after many years of research and development.
In the rice noodle market, which depends on imported rice noodles made of old rice, the cleanliness and wholesomeness of
‘new rice noodle’ are the fulfillment of customer promises as well as brand power.

- Does not contain unnecessary chemical additives other than new rice and water.
- Does not have the particular odor of imported rice noodles mixed with old rice, starch, and flour.
- Provides the flavor of freshly cooked new rice, clear and transparent color, and chewy food texture.

There is a way to go even if no one wants to go.
In the domestic rice noodle market using imported rice noodles made by mixing old rice, starch, and flour, the concept shift of making
rice noodles only with new rice and purified water may have seemed reckless to some people or as an unnecessary path of suffering.

For Daily King, however, the establishment of ‘PHO SEASON’ and the production of 'new rice noodle' were a part of
a heartfelt journey towards customers to provide 'safe and honest food’ as a leader in the rice noodle market.
You can find Phomein 'New Rice Noodle', the result of years of challenge, only at Phomein

We will lead changes at the center of the rice noodle market without losing the essence of principle and
honesty so that changes and challenges starting from Phomein become the standard of the rice noodle market.

  • Diverse tastes

  • Pleasure

  • Newness