PHONE Consultation

Main Number : 1899-2422 (direct 1) Direct Number : 031-780-1500

Phone call available between 8:50AM ~ 18:00PM during week days (Lunch hours 11:50AM ~ 13:00PM)

* Online consultation is availabe 365 days
* Received inquiries will be consulted after the person in charge is assigned.
* We`ll answer your Questions promptly

ONLINE Consultation

Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement

Phomein collects minimum personal information for accurate consultation processing.
Please confirm the following and agree to the provision and use of personal information.

Agreement to provide personal information for usage

Agreement to provide personal information for usage
1.The range of personal information we collect: Name, Contact Information, and Email
2.The reason for collecting personal information: Use for franchise inquiry and consultation
3. The period of possession of collected personal information: As a rule, once the purpose of the provided information
is achieved, the collected date is to be destroyed without hesitation,
and make it a rule to not hold the information longer than 30 days at the maximum.