PhoMein has led the domestic pho market by combining the traditional Vietnamese pho with
PhoMein’s specialty since the headquarter was opened at Jeongja-dong, Seongnam in 2006.
PhoMein is establishing the healthy restaurant culture and is leading the change of pho market
under the philosophy of ‘Safe Food Ingredients, Honest Foods’.

PhoMein has repeated challenges and changes for rich broth and healthy noodles with the
sincerity to provide helathy dishes to customers.
In the center of the change is our pride and expertise in pho.

PhoMein that established Pho Season, a Vietnamese manufacturing factory, and created the
original taste of freshly harvested rice has proved its strong competitiveness as the top
Vietnamese pho restaurant franchise in Korea with ‘Freshly Harvested Rice Noodles’ completed by
the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and its exclusive technology.

We will provide customers with new experiences of our own technology and our own expertise by
coping with the rapidly changing trend as we developed the unprecedent freshly harvested rice
noodles with our enthusiasm and in-depth research on pho.

PhoMein is a place where the best Vietnamese pho is served as a result of persistent enthusiastic
challenges without being afraid of failure.

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32 kinds of Vietnamese dishes, give you impression.

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