How to become a franchisee

We are Korea's leading rice noodle soup brand.

We initiated our franchise business in 2006 with the opening of our first location in Jeongja-dong, Bundang. Since then,
we have successfully expanded the rice noodle soup fan base in Korea by developing recipes pinpointedly tailored to local tastes.

Serving as the yardstick
for rice noodle soup in Korea
since 2006


  • 2021.12Pho Season has received HACCP · ISO 22000 Certified

    * HACCP: A food safety management system for preventing food safety hazards through each point in the food supply chain from primary production and packaging to storage, distribution and final consumption by end customers
    * ISO 22000: An internationally recognized standard for food safety management of raw ingredient procurement, food processing, packaging and quality management processes
  • 2019.11PhoMein RED (Rice Noodle Express Delivery), a small-scale premium rice noodle franchise brand,
    is launched with the opening of its first location in Dogok-dong, Seoul.
  • 2019.04We begin to produce noodles with newly harvested rice for the first time
    in the world and become its exclusive distributor for all PhoMein franchisees.
  • 2019.04We donate Fresh New Harvest Rice Noodles
    worth KRW 180 million to Food Bank.
  • 2017.12We achieve a 29% rate of franchisees operating multiple stores at once.
    PhoMein franchisees record KRW 78 billion in annual sales.
  • 2017.09Pho Season succeeds in developing Fresh New Harvest
    Rice Noodles and begins to produce natural herb sachets.
  • 2016.09The cumulative total of visitors to PhoMein exceeds the 50 million mark.
  • 2016.08We conclude an MOU for the supply
    of fresh ingredients with Hyundai Green Food.
  • 2015.11The Pho Season production facility, our local branch in Vietnam, is completed.
  • 2014.12We initiate the industry's first rice noodle soup delivery service.
  • 2014.04We become the industry's first brand to join
    "Send Gifts via KakaoTalk", a mobile commerce platform.
  • 2013.10PhoMein ranks first in the rice noodle soup sector of the 2013 Franchise
    Satisfaction Index (KS-FSI) selected by the Korean Standards Association.
  • 2013.03We are selected as an exemplary taxpayer on Taxpayers Day and receive
    the commendation of the Commissioner of the National Tax Service.
  • 2011.12The PhoMein flagship store in Jeongja-dong is expanded,
    and the R&D Institute is established.
  • 2009.10We become the sponsor of Seoul SK Knights,
    a professional basketball club, for the period of 2009-2013.
  • 2006.05The PhoMein flagship store in Jeongja-dong opens (directly operated).
    DailyKing is established.

We ensure stable profitability and robust brand power by remaining sensitive
to the latest trends and continually enhancing our competitiven edge.

  • Ranking first among franchise
    brands in terms of
    monthly sales for seven
    consecutive years

    We rank first among the industry's franchise
    brands in terms of monthly sales and have
    boasted unwavering superiority as evidenced
    by average sales of approximately
    KRW 76 billion over the past six years.

    ※ Based on data from June 2018

  • Ranking first in the industry
    in terms of number
    of locations

    The number of PhoMein locations surpassed the
    100 mark in just five years since we launched the
    franchise business. We boast the highest number
    of locations among rice noodle soup brands.

    ※ Based on data from June 2018

  • Ranking first in the industry
    in terms of market share
    in the metropolitan area

    We are maintaining our No. 1 position in market
    share in the metropolitan area, while
    expanding our franchisees across the nation,
    including in Busan and Gyeongju.

    ※ Based on data from December 2018

PhoMein, the epicenter of changes
in the rice noodle soup market

We drive changes in the market based on our differentiated strategies
for location, menu, and service, guaranteeing stable profitability.

MOU for the supply of fresh ingredients
concluded with Hyundai Green Food
We concluded an MOU with Hyundai Green Food, a food company equipped with a hazardous product prevention system, to ensure the supply of clean, fresh ingredients for our franchisees. The "Relief PhoMein" mark is attached to those franchisees that are supplied with ingredients by Hyundai Green Food for certification as "a healthy meal provider".

Pho Season, PhoMein's
local branch in Vietnam
We established Pho Season, our local branch in Vietnam, to remain faithful to our corporate philosophy "offering healthy food made with fresh ingredients". Pho Season produces top-quality rice noodles based on our exclusive technology and natural herb sachets for seasoning broth.