Modern & Minimal

On top of pursuing a simple & clean space by minimizing unnecessary elements,
Phomein also creates a comfortable mood for mealtime with the use of bright & warm colors.

  • The Head Store in Jeongja
  • Amsa Station
  • [Phomein Red] Cheonan Seongseong Lake
  • Hwaseong City Hall
  • [Phomein RED] Dongtan Lake
  • [Phomein RED] Itaewon
  • Jeju Nohyeong
  • [Phomein RED] Seohyeon Station
  • [Phomein RED] Apgujeong Station
  • [Phomein RED] Incheon Guwol
  • [Phomein RED] Dogok
  • JukjeonBojeong
  • YonginBora
  • Sinchon
  • Siheung Murwang